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Super Sacred Malas

Malas are perhaps my most sacred spiritual tools.

For some, a mala is just a trendy accessory, for others, a mala represents a link to the inner path, a tool to connect with the Divine and a reminder of this aspiration.

A mala basically helps the aspirant focus within and keep count of mantra recitation. Although this is the origin of malas, other paths including Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam also adopted similar practices.

Traditional malas (in Hinduism or Buddhism) consist of 108 beads or numerical derivations adding up to multiples of 9 (e.g. 27, 54). This number represents wholeness. The number 108 involves complex, mystical energies, as discovered by ancient Vedic sages who were expert mathematicians.

Too numerous to list all of them, here are a few of the fascinating facts that relate to 108. The sun’s diameter is 108 times the earth’s diameter. The 12 zodiac signs multiplied by the 9 planets equal 108. Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance of Lord Shiva has 108 poses. And the heart chakra contains 108 energy channels.

In addition to its small beads, the mala contains a larger bead called the meru, bindu, or guru bead. This bead helps the practitioner feel where the strand begins and ends, thereby allowing him or her to keep the eyes closed and maintain focus. This special bead also represents the connection between the student and “guru” (one who leads us from darkness to light).

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Vibe High.

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