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Spring Gemstones & Essential Oil Blends

The Spring Equinox/ Vernal represents rebirth, vitality, awakening after a slumber. A new year of energy bursts forth in March, much more than our traditional calendar observation in January. There are a number of crystals and essential oils that resonate the energy of spring. These gems and oils help to perk up your energy, and allow you to have a greater focus on manifesting new beginnings and starting new goals for yourself. Here are some of our favorites for this Spring season. 🌼


Aqua Aura - This beautiful stone connects to Hera Ke, the African Water Goddess of Spring and harnesses the soothing and nurturing powers of water. As such, this stone powerfully nurtures and renews one’s emotional body. Useful for navigating change, it connects to the transitioning of the seasons, from winter to spring.

Ruby Zoisite - A stone of fertility and rebirth, ruby zoisite enhances vitality and reduces fatigue. It encourages growth not only on the physical level but also on the spiritual. Helps you mentally by providing energy to keep your mind sharp and engaged.

Moss Agate - This stone has long been associated with abundance and fertility of all kinds. Moss agate helps to balance emotions and encourages fresh starts by assisting supporting new inspiration and initiatives.

Azurite - A stone of transformation, azurite stimulates creativity, communication, intuition, and opens your inner sight.

Ocean Jasper - A stone of flow and positive vibrations, Ocean Jasper carries the energy of the sea – joyful, calming, & soothing. Ocean Jasper gently brings into focus the positive aspects of your life, so that you can practice gratefulness.

Peridot - A stone of joy, peridot was known in ancient times as chrysolite and was considered to be a sacred stone. Ancient people considered peridot to be a gift from the heavens and were considered a sign that spring would be abundant. Peridot dissipates negative patterns that are blocking your progress in life.



Detox Blend - PEPPERMINT: Great for detoxifying, cleansing and getting circulation going, after a long winters rest. Peppermint is has astrigent properties that assist with bringing life to dull skin and making it tingle. Our Peppermint, DETOX Blend is lively, fresh and invigorating, just like spring.🌻

Emerge Blend - ROSE GERANIUM: Emerging from winter and adjusting to new rhythms often makes it hard to release a blah mindset. Our Rose Geranium, EMERGE Blend encourages creativity, renewed energy, excitement and Joy. Perfect for Artist.🌷

Clarity Blend - BERGAMONT: Expressed from the peel of the Bergamot, a citrus that grows in Italy. Bergamont is packed with invigorating astringent properties, that appeal to brain receptors enhancing mental clarity. Our Bergamont, CLARITY Blend is a bright, emotionally balancing oil that helps shake off Winter slumber while transitioning into Spring.🌺

Energize Blend - PINK GRAPFRUIT: ENERGIZE is an invigorating, cheery and sparkling blend that uplifts moods, bringing on great energy at a cellular level to create a most awesome spring vibe.✨

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