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Lions Gate Expansion

We are moving into the peak of the Lions Gate Portal. The entire galaxy is coming into a powerful alignment with our Planet and the energies of the heavens are pouring in.

Right now we are receiving extra assistance from other realms and we're able to receive guidance and messages coming through from our angels and spirit guides more easily.

Tomorrow our Central Sun, Sun, Sirius, Orion, and Earth will all form a powerful alignment. This will open and activate the 8/8 Portal. As these energies and stars align, a Stargate opens flooding the planet with galactic energies. These galactic energies are playing, and will continue to play an important role in the changes that are occurring throughout our Planet.

We also have a Leo New Moon this weekend. You can feel the new energies it’s bringing. We are making really big shifts right now. A lot of you are feeling it on a physical level, you may be more tired as your body is adjusting to these higher frequency energies. This is such a powerful space for your life and what your creating.

We are able to tap into these energies for instant manifestation in a big way. We are always manifesting anyways, so the rest of 2021 is a great time to get very intentional. These energies are all about what you want to create with the rest of this year. Over the next week we will continue to be encouraged to do a lot of deep work with the third eye and heart chakra. For some this may mean doing more clearing work. Some of you may have relationship stuff, childhood stuff, or past life stuff surfacing for more healing. And some of you may be encouraged to just open up on deeper levels, and to step into more of a heart space. It’s a great time also to tap into our intuitive selves to connect with the information coming into the planet with these energies. Great gemstones to use for third eye meditation are:

Clear Quartz

Blue Kyanite


Lapis Lazuli

Hold these crystals or place them on your third eye during meditation for a powerful multidimensional experience.

Pay attention to your dreams for downloads. Write them down and and take in what resonate. Expect to experience a huge expansion in consciousness as we move through the rest of August. 🦁✨

A message for Starseeds:

You may notice an extra boost of energy given our current alignment with Sirius, so don’t be alarmed if the energy feels a bit strong. One benefit of that connection is that new downloads and upgrades will be more easily integrated given your natural resonance with the starseed realms, so you can harness the energy during the Lion’s Gate to propel you where you want to go.

Vibe HIgh Gypsies☀️💫✨💕

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