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WELCOME Hara Ke African Goddess of Spring

Updated: Mar 27, 2021



As we enter this deeply nourshing and nurturing divine feminine season, we welcome and honor African Goddess of Waters and Spring, Hara Ke. Goddess Hara Ke, whose themes are spring, weather, providence, harvest, nurturing and growth. Her symbols are seeds, soil, rain, water and dragon images. An African Goddess of sweet water (which also equates with the gentle spring rains) Hara Ke comes into our lives and spring with gentle, growth-inspiring and nourishing refreshment.

According to legend, she lives under the river Niger with her two fierce dragons, Godi and Goru in attendance, caring for the souls who await rebirth. Hera Ke calls down the gentle rain to awaken the the seeds sleeping under the fertile soil, The sun then shines through fluffy clouds illuminating cheerful blooms until finally, the seasons make a complete shift with the Spring Equinox.

At that perfectly balanced moment in nature, Hara Ke emerges bringing bountiful, blooming abundance to the earth and to our lives.๐ŸŒป


To honor Hara Ke and the Spring Equinox, people in Namibia pull out all their garden tools and seeds and bless them at the begining of the Spring Equinox, before the sowing season starts. This ensures a good harvest and plentiful rains, the water of Hara Keโ€™s spirit.

If you garden or tinker with window pots, this tradition holds merit. Just sprinkle your tools and seeds with a little spring water or rainwater, then visualize the seeds being filled with pale green light (like new sprouts).

Alternatively, sprinkle your own aura, first going counter clockwise to ward away residual sickness or tension, then going clockwise to invoke Hara Ke. As you sprinkle the water, say:

โ€˜Hara Ke, renew in me a sense of refreshed ability To my spirit, growth impart Make your home my heart.


During the Spring Equinox is a perfect time for a head to toe detox, time to shake off stagnant vibes. Perhaps you've been in a toxic relationship with a lover, colleague, friend, your work or some aspects of yourself. Maybe you're feeling out of alignmenty. Now is a perfect opportunity to Invoke the restorative energy of Hara Ke to help release, reonnect, renew and bloom. Prepare a restorative sea salt bath to wash away any ickiness. Add one of the essential oils below to your bath or massage it on your body when you emerge. For the shower, add the oil with the sea salt to create a body scrub. In both cases, gently scrub away the ickiness and allow it to dissolve and go down the drain as you emerge renewed.

During the Spring Equinox, we facilitate one of our Divine Feminine Flow Wellness Retreats on the beautiful Caribbean island of Nevis. One of the activities include a cleansing ritual where we take a dip in the beautiful deep blue crystalline caribbean sea, breathing deeply as we release and surrender to the warm, nurturing embrace of Goddess Hara Ke who directs gentle waves, allowing them to wash away stagnated, unserving energetic residue. The intention is to recalibrate your energies and life flow by aligning with the season. With clarity and a renewed mind body and spirit, you are ready to bloom.๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒท

Spring Gemstones and Essential Oil Blends

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