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Clearing and Charging Your Crystals Using Rice

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Using rice is a method that is said to cleanse negative energy from places, objects and people. I myself use it from time to time to clear energy from my crystals. I never understood why this worked, but did feel the energetic impact that it had on myself and my crystals. As curious as I am, I wanted to know the energetics behind it, so I did a bit of research.

So, why is rice used to cleanse negative energy from crystals, and how does it work? Rice is said to balance the energies between the Heavens and the Earth, and resonates with the energy of the earth and of the sun. In this way, it is deeply grounding to your crystal, while also energetically charging it with the energy of the sun. It harmonizes your crystal with the energies of the spirit world and earthly realm, and brings it into the present moment. It absorbs any imbalanced energy so that your crystal can reset itself to its base frequency.

The origins of using rice is found all throughout history, and they all have different approaches to use it as an energetic cleanser. Through my research, I discovered some interesting insight into using rice as an energetic healer, and new ways to use rice to cleanse crystals.

Methods To Use Rice To Cleanse Your Crystals

Put It On a Bed Of Rice 

The easiest and most common way to use rice to cleanse a crystal is to place it on a bed of rice. I recommend using a glass bowl, but you can use any bowl that you would like. Fill the bowl with rice, and place your crystal on top of the rice. Let it sit here for 8-12 hours, or overnight. Put it on the window sill at night to be charged by the moon. 

Bury It in Rice 

Another method is to bury your crystal in a bed of rice, so that it is completely covered. Follow the same method above, but instead of putting the crystal on the surface of the rice, bury it underneath the rice. Make sure that all parts of it are covered.

This works because when submerged in darkness, the crystal will want to emit more if its natural light, giving it a stronger pull towards it natural vibration and allowing the rice to absorb more excess energy.

The Energetics Of Rice

If you examine the energetics of rice, you will find that it resonates with the energy of the earth AND the sun. It works as if it was the earth that was charged by the sun. If your crystal is carrying ungrounded energy, it will work with it to ground those energies. It will also charge it to its natural vibration with the energy of the sun.

Because of these energies, earth and sun, it is both feminine and masculine or yin and yang. It works to balance any ungrounded feminine or masculine energy from your crystal, and bring it to its natural state.

Rice can harmonize your crystal to its base frequency, because it has the ability to absorb energy that is not in balance. In this way, it is a modulator of energy, and will assist your crystal to get to its base frequency.

It is important to note that it not only helps with negative energy, but any excess energy that throws your crystal out of balance. For example, feminine and masculine energy alone are not positive or negative, they are just different forms of energy; however, too much of either of these energies will cause your crystal to be out of balance. Too much positive energy can also throw your crystal out of balance. Growth requires a balance of both positive and negative energies, light and dark, death and rebirth.

The History Of Rice And What It Symbolizes

Rice has been viewed symbolically throughout history to represent many different aspects of a full and balanced life. In a literal sense, traditional rice fields are a vital aspect of life. Along with the people that harvest the grains, there are fish, birds, ducks, frogs, bugs, and other plants. The elements brought by each different season are necessary to keep the growth cycle in balance. All of these things combined establish a delicate, but amazingly balanced thriving ecosystem.

In Japanese mythology, the rice plant was brought to Japan by Prince Ninigi, who was a descendant of the Sun goddess named Amaterasu. Because of this, it is believed that the food was a gift from the gods, and represents a deep connection and nurturing bond between heaven and earth. Because it is seen as a gift from the gods, it is believe that it strengthens spiritual health, attainment of knowledge, and purity.

In Africa rice is said to bring abundance and prosperity, and it is believed that there should always be a full container of rice in the home at all times. An empty rice container is said to be a bad omen.

In India, rice is believed to form a lasting bond between partners, and promote fertility. In Indian weddings, it is a common tradition to throw rice at the bride and groom, or have the bride and groom stand on a pile of rice while they are being married. The first meal that the bride and groom feed to each other if often a handful of rice.

Even in Western wedding traditions it is common to throw rice at weddings to attract happiness, fertility, wealth and prosperity to the newly-wed couple.

What To Do With The Rice After It Has Cleansed Your Crystal

Throw it Away

Some people believe that you should not eat the rice after being used for cleansing purposes, because it absorbs the negative energy of the crystal, which should not be brought in your body. In a way, this makes sense, and if this feels intuitively right to you, just throw the rice away.

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