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Blame My Gypsy Soul

Someone sent me a message asking if I were aware that the word "Gypsy" was a derogatory term and a racial slur. We dialogued a bit and I explained my definition of the word and... my definition of the word "Intention." Be clear I would never make light of anyone’s concerns or feelings surrounding racial slurs and ethnicity as I respect all cultures.

I am a traveler, my gypsy soul has been places and has seen and experienced many things. I have so much respect for all people because I take the time to know them. Their way might not be my way and trust me, there are many who oppose "my way." But mostly we agree to disagree and move along.

So What Does Gypsy Mean?

The term “gypsy” is a descriptive term used to describe people of Romani descent. To the people of this culture, and yes, the term is considered derogatory and a racial slur.

Origin of Gypsy

The term “gypsy” originated in Europe in the mid-16th-century. People of Romani descent fled to Europe at this time. They were a free-spirited group of people who are considered to be nomadic. These people were originally called “gipcyan,” a shortened version of “Egyptian,” because Europeans believed that they had migrated to the country from Egypt due to their dark skin and dark hair. The Moors were also described as gypsies. Today, most “gypsies” make their homes in certain areas of Europe, but there are about a million that call America their home.

The term “gypsy” has taken on a more general meaning over time. Today the term is used to describe free-spirited individuals of all races, creeds, colors, people who respect nature and it's healing bounty. Gypsies are seekers, travelers, and free thinkers, and people like me who still believe in magic.

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