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Our 2021 Re-Launch

Energy Gypsy Vibes (EGV) opened its virtual doors in 2016 and took off like a rocket. It surpassed our initial projections and we had to work around the clock to keep up with demands.

✨an Imperial Topaz talisman will do it every time.✨


I'm calling this a re-launch instead of a re-brand because our brand intentions remain the same. The rapid growth took us a bit out of alignment with our original intentions so we decided to use this time during the pandemic, to shut down, re-imagine and re-group. 


We will open our virtual doors, July 2021, aligned, centered, and ready to serve your needs in the manner intended. More education, personal services, and... amazing, intentional gemstone jewelry.

EGV is an extension of my Energy Medicine practice, SoulConnection Women's Wellness (SCW).

I use Gemstones extensively in my practice which requires lots of education to help clients connect with the stones for best results.  A focus on educating clients/customers is a major part of our re-launch. We want our EGV family to know how to hone their intuitive gemmy senses to select, connect and attune to their gemstones for their desired intentions.  

We have developed a few ways to educate and connect with you. We are super excited about our new Energy Gypsy Vibes Youtube channel that will focus on highlighting gemstones and how to use them for different purposes, and how to connect to them energetically, intuitively, and intentionally. There will be LIVE activities where we can connect directly for Q&A, discounted Pre-Sale items exclusive to those on the LIVE, Chakra meditations, and more. We are also introducing eCourses in September 2021.

We've added a minimal line of Apothecary items per your request. Apothecary is another component used in my wellness practice. Gemstones are incorporated in almost all of our apothecary items. We wholeheartedly believe in creating and incorporating Rituals into our daily lives and items in our apothecary line were created with intentional rituals in mind. A ritual can be lighting a candle every morning, taking a meditative bath, pulling tarot cards daily, or sipping a cup of tea. We highly recommend creating a sacred space/altar to visit daily or as needed to ground and align with spirit.  Our apothecary line will have different products to help create items and spaces to assist with your ritual intentions. 

Last but certainly not least, we have put together a magical line of beautiful, intentional jewelry that I am sure will appeal to your sparkle.


Changes and Additions to our new and improved marketplace are:


A smaller, more focused, and intention-based line of products

An exciting NEW Talismans and Amulets line

Quarterly Season's Box subscription honoring the Winter and Summer Solstice and Autumn and Spring Equinox


Three new eCourses

Blogs specific to marketplace items 

EGV-TV our NEW YouTube channel 

An Instagram Live Q&A and platform

follow us on IG for updates:


20% off Pre-Launch code the first week in July EGVPRE

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